The first day of October had a devastating start for students at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg. Chris Harper Mercer, age 26, opened fire at the local college, killing at least nine people and wounding seven more before he was killed by authorities.

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According to victims, Chris would question the religion of students before shooting. A student who was wounded in the shooting played dead in order to avoid further attack. Among the students, there was also a professor that was shot point blank. Three individuals have been released from hospital so far, with the other victims expected to survive.

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Douglas Country Sheriff John Hanlin refused to name the gunman as he did not want to credit him for his “horrific and cowardly act.” At this point in time, the motive is still being determined, with an investigation being carried out at the shooter’s apartment as well as the college.

Even President Barack Obama was visibly angered by this situation. He has become frustrated with reporting shootings over and over, saying that “…we’ve become numb to this.” Obama reiterates that Americans should demand greater gun controls from their elected officials.

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Moving Forward With Hope

Groups of people gathered at a local municipal park to hold a candlelight vigil for all of the victims of this terrible tragedy. To those attending the vigil, Rita Cavin, Umpqua’s interim president, says to the attendees, “We need love, and compassion, and healing.



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