People abuse drugs for many different reasons.

Some people use drugs because of peer pressure. Some may think that they might be immune and the effects of drugs won’t affect them. When some people are stressed and need something to get past their problems they may take drugs.

Others might take drugs just for a thrill or just curiosity. Once people get caught on drugs they usually become dependent. When people take drugs it over stimulates the reward path on the brain causing them to become dependent.

Why-Some-People-Use-DrugsWhat Happens To Your Body When Addicted?

When someone is addicted, it turns on his or her reward path in his or her brain. This makes them feel pleasure. Soon the person who took the drug wants that feeling repeated, so they take the drug again.

Doctors call this dependency.

This dependency causes life-threatening problems in the body. How does this happen? Well, the neurons in the brain get over stimulated. This kills some neurons. That is how brain damage occurs. Tobacco is more addictive than alcohol. People who are addicted to one substance are usually addicted to others. People who smoke usually drink twice as much as non-smokers. To stop cravings, scientist develop many medicines to block cravings but a cure is a long way off. Scientists have found that it is not any more difficult to treat several addictions at once then one addiction at a time.


inhalants-miscAn inhalant is a chemical substance that you breathe. It has mind altering effects.
Most people who abuse inhalants are between the ages of 14 or 15. More than a thousand substances have vapours that can be abused as inhalants. Most inhalants are cleaning products. These cleaning products remove fatty substances from the brain cells which cause brain damage. The first time a person uses an inhalant it can kill them. Doctors think the reason for death is heart failure which is caused by an irregular heart beat. Inhalants also cause hearing loss, suffocation, damage to the nerves and bone marrow. Someone who has taken inhalants acts as if they are dizzy or drunk, Their senses are mixed-up and the world around them may seem abnormal.

Over the Counter and Prescription Drugs

There are many kinds of drugs in the world today. The following is about some of the drugs that doctors may give to you through a prescription or drugs found at pharmacies which anyone can buy.

Prescription drugs are drugs prescribed to you by your doctor.

You can get prescriptions from your doctor if you are sick or injured. By taking the prescriptions to the pharmacy, the pharmacist will give you the drugs the doctor prescribed to you so you will get better. Some of the drugs you can get from a prescription are:

  1. Stimulants: Are drugs that increase the flow, and actions of the nervous system. People receive stimulants from their doctor when they have trouble staying awake and being active.
  2. Anti Anxiety and Hypnotic Drugs: Drugs that make people go to sleep easier and reduce pain by slowing down the nervous system. This category includes Tranquillizers and Sedatives.
  3. Antibiotics: Drugs given to patients to help fight against infections. Antibiotics are one of the most prescribed drugs sold every day.

Over the Counter Drugs

Over the counter drugs or common drugs are drugs that are legally sold without a prescription. Most common drugs are headache medicine and small pain relievers. Although these drugs are legal, they can still be deadly if used incorrectly.

  1. Pain Relievers: Drugs used to ease the pain for small aches and sores. Advil and Aleve are some examples of pain reliever drugs.
  2. Headache Relievers: Drugs used to calm headaches and other head pains. Tylenol, Bayer Aspirin, and Excedrin are some examples of headache reliever drugs.
  3. Allergy Medication: Drugs to help relieve the seasonal colds, flu, and allergies caused by the seasonal moulds and pollens.


Street Drugs

The term “Street Drugs” is used for all drugs sold illegally. Street drugs are the worst drugs because they are the most dangerous. This is because they cause more deaths than any other drug in a year. Street drugs are illegal because of their harmful effects.

These drugs are hard to stop due to the people selling them. Street drugs are sold by pushers or drug dealers. Street Drugs bring in millions to the drug dealers who control their territories.


An illegal drug that is made from the leaves of the Marijuana plant. These leaves are green, grey, and yellowish brown. The leaves of the plant are melted into an oil that is wrapped up and used in a cigarette or pipe to be smoked. When smoked or eaten, your mind begins to question reality and fantasy. Your heart rate also increases, and your body becomes sluggish. The side affects include heart damage, asthma, and damage to skin and respiratory systems.


Cocaine comes from the leaves of coca bushes and is either processed into a powder for smoking or inhaling or eaten by whole leaves. When taken your body slows and your heart rate increases.

Your mouth then dries, and your pupils become dilated and you will experience exaggerated movements. The side affects make you shaky, causing seizures, and through enough usage, even death. Cocaine can also be hardened to make small rocks called Crack Cocaine.


In the form of juice, powder, or a thick solution. When taken, your body depresses breathing and stops thinking correctly. You then experience a moment of small or no pain when normally hurt.

Side affects include addiction, birth defects, breathing shortage, and thinking problems.


An illegal drug and comes in the form of a white powder or water like substance that is usually mixed with other drugs. When taken, your mind shuts down your central nervous system, calming pain and happiness. It will also slow down your breathing to a very slow pace. The side affects include drowsiness, headaches, and respiratory problems. Death can also occur if an overdose is taken.

PCP/Angel Dust

PCP/ Angel Dust comes in the form of a powder in many various colours. When taken you will lose your sense of pain and your reaction speed will drop. You will soon lose coordination, speech, and flexibility.

Your eyes will lose vision, and severe twitching can last for months after a single dosage. The side affects include a loss of sensing of pain, constant panic and sometimes death. An overdose could lead to a loss of control over your entire body resulting in death from suffocation.


What is alcohol?

Alcohol is a clear drink that is made from barley, grain, rye, or a beverage containing ethyl. When a person drinks alcohol, about 20 percent is absorbed by the stomach, and 80 percent is absorbed in the small intestine. The concentration of alcohol, the type of drink, and whether the stomach is full or empty depends on how fast the alcohol is absorbed.

Once the alcohol is absorbed into the tissue, it affects your mind and body. Blood alcohol concentration can rise up to 20 minutes after having a drink. After alcohol is absorbed it leaves the body in three ways: the kidneys, lungs, and liver.

How is it made?

Beer and wine are called fermented beverages. They are made by adding yeast to a substance that contains sugar. The yeast starts the formation process, which turns sugar into ethyl and carbon dioxide gas.

Beer is made from barley malt. The people who brew the beer soak the barley in water to make it sprout. When the barley dries, they take off the sprouts only leaving starch or malt. The malt is ground up and mixed up with water to form a mash. This is put into another mash which contains corn or rice that has been crushed and heated.

The starch from corn or rice is then changed to sugar. Some dried flowers are added to the mash to add flavour, then the mash is fermented. Then the brewers age the beer for several weeks to add taste in the beer. Another type of alcoholic beverage is called a distilled beverage.

That is made from fermented grain mash or fermented juice. Distilled beverages include drinks such as whiskey, vodka, liqueurs, gin, rum, and other beverages.

We have to be aware of what drugs are and their effects. If you are a parent seeking help for your child or just a friend worried about someone who may be using, contact us to learn how to get help now!