A fight broke out in Edmonton between a group of teenage girls. A video that was posted to Instagram earlier this week depicts the fight between at least four girls.

The video shows two girls cornering a third girl, with at least one other girl looking on and laughing. The victim in the video is shown being punched and slapped by one girl. The other girl punched the victim in the head, hitting her head against a stone wall.

The City of Edmonton Police Service confirmed that hey are investigating the incident, but did say any other details.

Brad Stomberg, an Edmonton Public Schools spokesperson, said that they were aware of a fight between students taking place. He further explained that it happened outside of school hours.

“We are always concerned for the safety of our students — regardless of whether or not it’s a school day,” Stromberg said in an email to Global News.” Global News

It is unknown when the fight occurred exactly, or why it happened. Since it was uploaded, the video has garnered over 67,000 views.