Why teens should own animals

Owning Animals Is Good For Your Health

Here are our top 5 reasons why owning a pet can be good for the mental and physical health of teens.

  • It teaches Responsibility.
    Owning an animal gives responsibility to teens. They will be required to feed, clean and care for their animals. Cleaning the litter box, walking the dog or grooming their animal gives them a sense of pride and accomplishment.
  • Owning a Pet Decreases Anxiety.
    Petting an animal lowers blood pressure, so if you are a teen that suffers from anxiety, owning a pet can make you more calm. Doing homework with a furry friend around can also decrease homework anxiety.
  • Teens Who Own Animals are More Active.
    Walking or running a dog will promote consistent exercise which is great for a growing teen’s health, as it teaches them how to be healthy.
  • Your Pet is Someone You Can Always Talk To.
    Teens who are faced with loneliness or bullying outside of the home will always have a friend with a pet. Sometimes when it feels that there is no one to talk to, your pet is always willing to listen, and it’s healthy to release your emotions instead of bottling them up.
  • Owning a Pet Teaches empathy.
    Studies have shown that children who grow up with animals show more signs of empathy than those that don’t. In return many animal lovers are kinder and more empathetic.

Working with animal shelters is a great volunteer opportunity for teens. It is a great thing to add to a resume, while doing something you love.

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