In everyday media, we have become blind to how often we are exposed to sexual objectification because we are so accustomed to it. Whether we are being sold alcohol or cars – even food – we are constantly observing sexist advertisements.


This is not to say that “being sexy” is a bad thing. Individuals are free to do what they please with their bodies; yet, when it is dehumanizing, it is not quite the same story. And though we might not think it affects us in the moment, sexual objectification has slowly crept up into the lives of each and every one of us. The negative impacts of this include setting false standards and thereby triggering self-esteem problems and even some forms of mental illness, including anorexia and bulimia.

A group of women created a video montage, titled #WomenNotObjects, to further explain. Some notable quotes that you will hear include:

  • “I love sleeping with guys that don’t know my name.”
  • “I’d sell my body for a burger.”
  • “I’m only here for your entertainment.”

Watch the full video to see how the irony portrayed by the women really emphasizes the prominence of sexual objectification.

It is important to recognize that these instances happen to everyone – not just women. What we have shared with you are one of many, many scenarios where sexism in the media has belittled a demographic. This happens to men, women, non-binary, LGBTQ, various ethnicities… the list goes on.

What are your thoughts? What do you typically observe in the media that relates to sexism?