On December 1st each year, World AIDS Day is held. This day is a great opportunity for everyone around the world to come together in the fight against HIV. It shines a light on those showing their support for individuals who live with HIV. As well, it honours those who have passed away from the disease.


The Importance of World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day reminds both the public and governments that HIV still exists. The need to raise money, fight prejudice, increase awareness, and implement proper education persists.

Some statistics about HIV & AIDS:

  • 100,000 people currently live with HIV in the UK
  • Around the world, an estimated 34 million people have HIV
  • Since its identification in 1984, over 35 million people have passed away from HIV & AIDS

With a number of scientific advances and laws implemented to protect those affected by HIV/AIDS, it comes as a surprise that people still do not know the facts on how to protect themselves and others. Discrimination and stigma are still incredibly common, making the lives of the affected that much more difficult.

What You Can Do

On World AIDS Day – and every day, for that matter – use your voice and actions to show your solidarity and support with the millions of people who live with HIV. One way to do this is by wearing a red ribbon, which you can get through this link.

A few other ways that you can help include:


World Aids Day Organization


Lindsey Locke, Columnist for SOS Safety Magazine