Fans of One Direction’s Zayn Malik have taken to social media with a campaign called “cuts 4 Zayn”.

Teen Fandom has reacted to the pop star leaving the band One Direction, with an outcry of self harm promotion. All over the internet, youth are encouraging others to engage in self harm and use the hashtag #cuts4zayn. The idea behind this campaign is the hope that Zayn will rejoin the band after he sees how upset his fans are.

At SOS Safety Magazine, we take self harm very seriously.

Self harm is a serious problem among today’s youth and we are deeply concerned about this trending campaign. Campaigns that promote self harm are offensive and severely dangerous. Self harm is not something that should ever be encouraged.

We understand that for many fans of One Direction, you may be feeling a sense of deep pain and loss, similar to grief. We have some great articles on our website about dealing with loss and going through the grieving process.


We want to encourage you to channel your feelings in positive ways instead of negative. Have you read our article on how art can help in tough times?


If you are one of the many that has taken to social media to promote self harm, please read our article on how to stop self harm before it gets worse.

We also want to remind Fans of One Direction that there are many people that have overcome their struggles with mental health, depression, self harm and attempted suicide. Trending campaigns such as this one do not help promote healing, and we encourage you to not partake in any campaigns that promote negative self infliction of pain.